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Tools to assist with the installation, administration or use of z/OS and its components. To download .txt files, right click and choose Save Link As or Save Target As.

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  ADDRUSER.txt ADDUSER - Quick and dirty Rexx exec for adding TSO users. Your Mileage May Vary.


CPPT - Tool for creating cable labels for zSeries mainframes. Uses report output of CHPID Mapping Tool. cppt53 is for CMT V5.3, cppt54 is for use with CMT v5.4, which supports the z/10 and z114/z196 processors. Perl source code is available on request.

NOTE: When using a CHPID to CU report generated by CMT 5.5, you may need to revert back to CPPT53. If when using you get the message, Unable to find report body, then try using The only difference between the two versions is the constant that the program looks for in the header of the report. IBM changed the value from "a" to "b,", and then back to "a" again.



ZCLONE - A set of Rexx execs for cloning zOS systems, creating single pack RESCUE systems, etc. I submitted an earlier version of these execs to the CBT MVS Mods tape (

NOTE: This software should be considered "beta" software, meaning that you should expect to find bugs here and there, but that it should basically work ok.

3.0 is a sample of the set of jobs and members generated by the zClone execs. This set of jobs was used to create a one-pack zOS 1.8 rescue system. TSO TRANSMIT format.




RLP - RACF List Profiles. This ISPF dialog provides a very handy way to maintain various RACF profiles. This dialog was created to augment the rather dismal IBM supplied RACF ISPF dialogs. Read the readme.txt file for instructions on installation. See readme.txt for new features in version 2.2.



Sample Rexx function written in Assembler. Use this as an example/template for writing your own high-performance assembly language rexx functions. This example program is called ACTIVE. It accepts one argument: a job, started task, or TSO userid, and returns True if that task is running on an MVS system. e.g. look at this rexx snippet:

IF active('DFHSM') THEN,
SAY "HSM is running"


A rexx ISPF EDIT macro that adds and removes comment characters from JCL, Assembler, or Rexx programs. Helpful for adding comment blocks to code. 1.0
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Prefix any TSO command with the FULL exec, the the output of the TSO command is displayed in an ISPF BROWSE session. 1.0


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